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By: mario_williams6 | April 05, 2016

Nothing beats a good cup of coffee, whether in the morning or at night. But, did you know that there are certain things you should and should not to do to make the perfect cup of joe? In this article, you will learn what it takes to be make the best coffee around.

There have been many studies about whether or not coffee is healthy or harmful. Some state that the caffeine in coffee can be harmful unless it is consumed in moderation. Other studies seem to indicate that coffee can work as an antioxidant, and can actually help prevent some diseases such as cancer.


Do not leave your coffee open any longer than necessary. While preparing your coffee, don't open the can or bag until you are ready to scoop. Immediately after scooping, close the coffee container. This will keep your coffee fresher longer. It also keeps the flavor and aroma from evaporating in the air.

Do not use tap water when you are making coffee unless your faucet is fitted with a device that will filter out all of the impurities. There are many people that have no problem with tap water, but the reality is that tap water that tastes bad will make your coffee taste just as bad.

For best coffee flavor, buy whole beans. Then, grind only the amount that you plan on using. You will find that your coffee has a stronger flavor. You will also use less product to make that fabulous taste. Additionally, you can create custom blends using different beans, so that you can impress your friends.

You have to use great water to get great coffee. You may want to use bottled water for this purpose. If you would rather not use bottled water, consider purchasing a water purifier. You will not get the same taste as bottled but it will be better than tap water.

Lots of people like drinking coffee but avoid it because they don't want their teeth to become all yellow and stained. If you love drinking coffee but are afraid that it can stain your teeth you should consider drinking it through a straw. This will prevent the coffee from ever coming into contact with your teeth.

Get a simple coffee grinder. Freshly ground beans can be the difference between a delicious cup of coffee and a so-so cup of coffee. Generally, grinders will allow you to pre-select how coarse you want your beans ground. There are also coffee machines that come equipped with grinders already.

If you really want to try your hand at making a great cup of fresh roasted coffee, try roasting the beans yourself. There are a variety of ways to roast your own beans if you have access to green coffee. You can even put them on a cookie sheet in your oven to roast them yourself.

If you are used to an independent coffee house, then be careful when ordering in Starbucks. They have a very different language for their products, as part of their distinct branding. The Caramel Macchiato you love back home is not going to taste at all the same in a Starbucks while on the road.

Avoid reheating your coffee at all costs. When you reheat your coffee, it tends to lose a lot of its natural flavors. If you do not plan on drinking your coffee right away, but you want to make sure it stays hot, your best bet is to pour it into an insulated mug.

If you're busy with kids, a local drive-through coffee shop is heaven sent. You can drive a short distance with your children and easily get your caffeine fix.

Don't be afraid to spice up your coffee grounds. You can add lots of different things to develop different flavors, like allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, and other spices. If you're afraid of adding too much, you could even add a pinch after the brewing cycle instead. You'll be surprised at the flavor combinations you can create!

Many people feel like there is something wrong with giving children coffee every now and then, but it is okay as long as the coffee has no caffeine in it. The caffeine content is the main reason that coffee is not considered to be a suitable beverage for children to drink.

Be sure to clean your coffee machine. Many people just keep making coffee over and over again, but you have got to make sure you clean it regularly. Run a mixture of vinegar and water through your machine to naturally clean the machine instead of using chemicals. When you do this, you can be assured you have the most delicious coffee you can have.

Try adding sweeteners and different spices to make your coffee more lively. Brown and raw sugars add distinctive flavors compared to plain white sugar. Spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg, as well as extracts such as vanilla, work to enhance coffee flavors. Instead of milk, flavored soy or almond milk can be used.

Use charcoal filtered water when brewing coffee. There are charcoal water filters you can install into your sink, so that you filter your tap water with charcoal. You could also buy a coffee machine that has its own integrated filter. Charcoal filtered water can also be bought at supermarkets.

In conclusion, there isn't a better feeling in the world than drinking that perfect cup of coffee, just as long as you are making it properly. The above article gave you tips to help ensure you will always be making the best coffee you can. Use them for coffee bliss!

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